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Blog Archive: February 2019

Bear, Briefly

People sometimes ask me how I can ever leave my house, especially at this time of year when it seems like we have a wildlife sighting every day or so. And it's true that there are days I wish I could just sit at a window, camera in hand, and watch the land come alive. But there are also times when I need to get things done, and I find myself looking more at a screen or a book. Then the phone rings, as if to wake me up...because there's a bear in the yard. The call isn't about the bear, of course; it's not even for me, and I let it go to voicemail. But it's almost as if the universe wanted to make sure I didn't miss something exciting -- and so I didn't.

But just bearly.

(I know, I know, but a bear pun is practically mandatory in cases like this. It was out of my hands.)

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Patient Pickerel Frog

Once the frogs wake up in the spring, our backyard and pond really come alive. Walk out the back door, and you start seeing movement in all directions, sometimes from so close you wonder how you didn't see the little guys until then. This pickerel frog initially fled as well, which is why he's half hidden under a soggy leaf -- but once he came out, he very patiently allowed me to come close and get the macro lens up close and personal. In addition to the lovely froggy details, I really like the colors in this picture, and the glints of light off the water.

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Blazing Green Light

New spring leaves have a way of catching the light that makes their fresh green color blaze like beacons, standing out amidst the deeper greens of hemlock and pine. 

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Tiny Blue Glow

The tiny blue flowers of Scilla siberica are some of the first to bloom in my backyard, second only to the nodding white heads of snowdrops. We only have a small patch of scilla here, but they really draw the eye with their electric blue color. It's been a couple of weeks now since they made their first appearance--and they've since been joined by legions of yellow daffodils--but they still make a big impression for such a little flower!

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The Colors of Spring

It always seems to happen so quickly. The trees start to look a little more rounded at the tips, not long after the last of the snow has finally disappeared. There's a long pause, like a slow inhale, and then green bursts forth, turning the hills into a patchwork of color. My head starts to ache, too, unfortunately, as pollen fills the air, but there's still a desire to get outside, to witness the fleeting colors of new leaves, seed pods, and spring flowers. Some of them are vibrant, others subtle, but all are welcome as the near-monochrome of winter brightens into spring.

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